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5 Signs You Have a Bad Immigration Attorney

​​ There are a lot of good attorneys in the immigration bar, but there are many who should be avoided at all costs. At Sheridan Green Law PLLC, we file a lot of complaints with the state bar against other immigration attorneys, and we hear the same heartbreaking stories from clients over and over again. Moreover, the consequences of getting a bad apple in immigration law can negatively alter the course of your life or even place you or your loved ones in serious danger. Based on our experiences, we have come up with a list of warning signs. If you see any of these signs, beware. If you see multiple, or all of these red flags, run. 1. The attorney never tells you what is going on. Good att

Immigration Appeals: So your case has been denied--what happens now?

Chances are that unless you are an immigration lawyer or a judge or a litigant in trouble (or have a family member who is), you have little knowledge of the vast system of immigration proceedings and appeals in this nation. Today there are over 500,000 immigration cases pending in the nation's immigration courts (and this is not even including non-court cases such as applications for benefits pending before US Citizenship and Immigration Services). It should come as no surprise that a lot of those cases will lose: individuals will be ordered deported and their applications for relief from removal will be denied. So now what? A litigant in immigration court has only 30 days after the immig


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