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Our Vision

Business Immigration

We provide top-quality visa services.  Whether you are a business looking to hire a foreign professional, an entrepreneur looking to start your own company, or an athlete or musical performer desiring to compete in or tour through the U.S.A., we can help.

Extraordinary Ability Petitions (EB-1A) and National Interest Waiver

Many big companies have stopped petitioning for permanent residence for their employees.  This means that for lots of successful, high-productivity individuals, including those on H and L visas, self-petitioning for permanent residency is the only way for you and your children to remain long-term in the U.S. Sheridan Green Law PLLC has helped dozens of individuals sponsor themselves for a green card through the “national interest waiver” and "extraordinary ability" category.


Senior Attorney Sheridan Green is a highly accomplished immigration appellate lawyer, having won important cases (including 6 precedential decisions) before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  If your case was denied by an immigration judge, you only have 30 days to seek review with the BIA.  And if the BIA denied your appeal, you only have 30 days to seek review with the federal circuit court of appeals. 


Immigrant or non-immigrant visa petition stuck with USCIS? Has the listed processing time passed with no decision?  We can sue them in federal court.  It's called a "mandamus" petition, and we do it all the time, and it works.


Administrative Procedure Act



We have experience suing federal agencies to get a real judge to review USCIS denials of anything from H-1B petitions to extraordinary ability petitions, to adjustment of status, to changes of non-immigrant status. Attorney Sheridan Green is admitted to practice (and practices daily) before the federal courts in Houston and Dallas.


Professional Advice



If you are employed in the U.S. on a visa, you need good and frequent immigration counseling--and your company's corporate immigration lawyer is not going to give it to you because they have a conflict of interest.  Sheridan Green Law PLLC deals in employee-side immigration advice about your career-path, changing employers, and self-petitioning for your permanent residence.

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